Support Morrow Valley Farmstead

A capital campaign is currently being conducted to raise funds for the construction of the facility, as well as to fund the technology needs associated with the program.

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The lifetime naming rights of Morrow Valley Farmstead is available for an investment of $1 million. The proud partner will receive the following:

Prominent name and logo on entrance sign 

– Nested within the Uwharrie Mountains, Morrow Valley Farmstead is located just off of Morrow Mountain Road that provides direct access to Morrow Mountain State Park. The Park attracts 425,000 visitors annually.

Name and logo on Morrow Valley Farmstead letterhead

Name and logo on Morrow Valley Farmstead website and on the website of parent organization GHA Autism Supports, along with a link to the donor’s website

Name and logo on the front panel of the Morrow Valley Farmstead organizational brochure

Name and logo included on all Morrow Valley Farmstead articles printed in the GHAzette newsletter (GHA company newsletter emailed out 2,000 subscribers on a quarterly basis)

Recognition, along with name and logo included in all Morrow Valley Farmstead presentations made regionally, statewide and around the world 

– GHA Autism Supports is recognized as a model service provider for individuals with autism, and has hosted visitors from Scotland, Canada, Germany, England, Iceland, Denmark and Japan to help in supporting individuals in their countries with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

– GHA leaders continue to present in Japan sharing the latest on the development of Morrow Valley Farmstead and other innovative programs. 

Through your investment in Morrow Valley Farmstead, you are not only supporting individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, you are pledging your leadership towards an innovative approach that will serve as a model to be utilized worldwide!

Morrow Valley Farmstead Pledge Sheet (pdf)