Morrow Valley Farmstead

Morrow Valley Farmstead

Morrow Valley Farmstead brings together, for the first time all in one place, the healing forces of nature, man, medicine, science, and technology to create for each individual, a world that is uniquely theirs, one that includes all things necessary for their security, comfort, and happiness.  Morrow Valley Farmstead will provide specialized services for aging individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities with a focus on age related developmental and physical needs, and care for chronic and/or debilitating medical conditions.

Morrow Valley Farmstead includes a working farm, pesticide-free gardens, animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horticulture activities, 24-hour health care services, telemedicine, progressive digital technology, electronic monitoring, and whole-person coordinated care.  Morrow Valley is located on 50 beautiful and spacious acres at the base of Morrow Mountain. The facility has been designed especially for people with disabilities that need specialized medical care.

Morrow Valley Farmstead residents will have the opportunity to age gracefully and comfortably in an inspiring home environment that is customized for their unique needs and interests.  Out of home medical treatment will be reduced by utilizing state of the art technology and in home care.

Goal: GHA has worked jointly with State Developmental Centers over the years to successfully discharge numerous individuals from State Developmental Centers to community residential homes. GHA Autism Supports is now seeking collaboration with Center personnel to identify aging individuals with ASD or other developmental disabilities that also have chronic medical conditions, who may be candidates for Morrow Valley Farmstead. This first group of residents and families will have a unique opportunity to shape this first of its kind community facility.

GHA will work in conjunction with Center personnel to host informational sessions about Morrow Valley for individuals and guardians to make them aware of this innovative program for aging adults with disabilities.


Morrow Valley Farmstead Admission Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be > 18, preference is Age > 35 years old
  • Applicant must have a Developmental Disability Diagnosis, preferably Autism.
  • Applicant should be deemed “Non-Ambulatory” as defined by life safety code (i.e. can’t self-evacuate).
  • Applicants must include Individuals with Chronic Debilitating medical conditions that require extensive medical/nursing support services.
  • Applicants will NOT be accepted if the individual exhibits challenging behaviors that exhibit a risk to other residents.
  • Morrow Valley Farmstead’s will be able to accommodate individuals requiring:
    • Continuous oxygen delivery
    • Scheduled nebulizer treatments
    • Intravenous medication administration
    • IV fluid administration
    • TPN nutrition and/or nutrition & medication administration via feeding tubes
    • Administration of medications that require physical assessments or monitoring of lab work prior to administration
    • Routine, and as needed, detailed body system assessments by RNs to monitor individuals neurologic, cardiac, respiratory, GI/GU systems
  • Individuals requiring Long term care and/or Palliative Care service needs
  • Limited pre-vocational and vocational skills & stamina

Additional Morrow Valley Farmstead Information:

  • GHA Autism Supports does not utilize any form of restrictive intervention or devices at any site.
  • This facility does not have an affiliated offsite day program or program to actively support employment.

Anticipated Opening:  Spring, 2021

Grants and donations have been secured from numerous sources in the development of Morrow Valley Farmstead, including the following:

  • Albemarle Rotary Club
  • The Cannon Foundation
  • Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
  • First Lutheran Church of Albemarle
  • The Ireland Family Foundation
  • Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation
  • Medical Pipeline Solutions, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Architecture
  • Rotary Club of West Stanly
  • Seven Oaks Doors and Hardware
  • Stanly County Community Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • West Mecklenburg Optimist Club

Click here for a Morrow Valley Farmstead Slideshow.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information

GHA Autism Supports continues to keep the health and safety of all individuals supported and employees at the core of all decision making. We have implemented the following safety measures:

  • All group meetings have transitioned to utilizing conferencing systems.
  • Strict visitation guidelines are in effect at all programs.
  • We encourage temporarily replacing in-person visitation with telephonic communication to limit exposure at all sites.
  • Second Street Sundries is currently offering curbside pick-up and ordering through the online system.
  • We will continue to monitor all updates, and update this information accordingly. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncertain times.

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GHA Autism Supports is licensed by the Division of Health Service Regulation of the North Carolina Department of Human Resources. In addition, GHA Autism Supports is nationally accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). ICF/MR homes are certified by the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance. GHA Autism Supports is affiliated with the Division TEACCH program at UNC-CH, the Autism Society of North Carolina and is a member of the North Carolina Association of Community-Based ICF/MR and CAP providers and the North Carolina Providers Council.