“GHA Autism Supports accepted Tommy when he was hopeless, rejected, broken, unhappy, and sometimes violent and was restrained often several times a day.  GHA supported and understood him so that he is now thriving and living a happy, productive life that is free from restraints.”

                                                –Tom and Sue Jasinski


“Along that fractured path that all parents of a child with Autism must travel, it’s my hope that each have the opportunity to work with caring, genuine and dedicated professionals that I have found at GHA Autism Supports.”

                                                –Dorothy Foley Hoyle


“If God had Autism, He would be at GHA Autism Supports.”

                                                –Larry Gardner


“I was amazed at the thoroughness of GHA Autism Supports’ approach in determining if Emily was an appropriate match for their services.  I knew they took the entire process seriously and would be honest in their ability to serve her unique needs.  I remember so well being told–We will help you every step of the way, we will be there for you, we will even cry for you–At that point, I had no doubt I was making the right decision for my daughter.”

                                                –Amy Whichello


“We have worked with several other agencies on Mike’s behalf in the past and we have been most impressed by the level of expertise, professionalism and caring that each of the GHA Autism Supports staff have shown us.”

                                                –Norm and Diane Berth


“GHA came along at just the right time for our family.  It was becoming more evident that our son had special needs that we were not equipped to address.  We are so grateful to be a part of an organization that maintains high professional standards in meeting the physical and social needs of individuals with Autism.”

                                                –Curtis and Jackie Bynum